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Dog owners are always on the lookout for innovative products that can help their furry friends become healthier and happier.

It’s always difficult finding food that offers your dog the right amount of nutritional value, and without gaining advice on a product, your pet might easily pick up a disorder from it.

Thankfully, with CBD oil, you don’t need to search to find something that is both healthy and natural.

To understand what CBD oil is and how it’s derived, it can be referred to as the oil extracted from the Cannabis plant. While the Cannabis plant is always linked to marijuana, you can rest assured knowing that the substance extracted contains very little THC chemicals, meaning that it won’t make your dog experience a ‘high’ but it will assist with any pain-relieving sensations they might be experiencing.

If you have noticed any health concerns with your dog or are looking for an alternative way to incorporate natural nutrients into their diet, that’s where CBD oil comes in. Much like for humans, the CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system which then leads to physical changes in your body, resulting in improved health. The health benefits for your pet can be incredible and here are some of the most common ones:

It reduces anxiety

While it might seem uncommon, pets also have anxiety, which can be experienced in the way they express their feelings. For example, consistent barking and destructive behaviour. Most people assume that such behaviour means that their dogs simply need more attention when it could mean something deeper. If your dog is constantly scratching, biting furniture or more, the relaxant in CBD oil will help your pet to unwind and calm down. It will make them feel less nervous, which is good for their health.

Chronic pain relief

It’s never fun watching your furry friend struggle with pain. Be it an inflammation or simply a sore muscle from a hard fall, CBD oil may help to soothe the pain and give your pet a better quality of life. Incorporating a few drops of oil into your pet’s food may assist with the healing process of your pet’s sore muscle or joint.

Loss of appetite

Instead of turning to over-the-counter medication to help your pet regain an appetite, consider using CBD oil as it is a healthy and natural supplement for humans and pets alike. This oil can also benefit your pet’s digestive tract, allowing him or her to jump around and play just like they’re supposed to.

Speaking of digestion, CBD oil can also do wonders for your pet’s bowel movements. If you’ve noticed that their stools are inconsistent, this oil can help to restore normal gut motility.

Aggressive behaviour

Sure, there are underlying factors as to why your pet is such an aggressive dog. But, if you’re experiencing the same with yours, CBD oil could help to calm them down. While they could be acting a specific way because of their previous owners’ behaviour towards them or they somehow feel threatened, dogs can easily become sensitive which causes them to be aggressive and unhappy. This natural supplement is there to minimise stress and contribute to a happier lifestyle for your pet. Not only will this benefit them, but it will take the pressure off of you as a pet owner since you won’t be watching them like a hawk every time someone new steps into the yard. They’ll become calmer in their movements.

How to choose a good CBD oil for your dog?

Final words

As you can see, CBD oil is an extremely flexible, multi-functioning product which can deliver great benefits for your pet. Be it behaviour issues, stress relief, anxiety, pain relief, appetite control or more, CBD is a wonderful, natural supplement to incorporate into your dog’s daily food intake. Should there be a specific concern as to why you want to use it for your pet, consult with a professional as they will provide you with healthcare solutions and techniques that you can utilise for your pet. As it stands, CBD is a natural alternative which can truly make a difference in your pet’s life.


Outsider Labs’ Petcare is perfectly formulated to treat your furry friend.

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