6.25% or 62.5 mg/mL CBD
3.00% or 30 mg/mL Other Cannabinoids
9.25% or 92.5 mg/mL Total Cannabinoids
Patient Information Leaflet

This CBD-dominant broad spectrum extract has been especially formulated to contain a blend of natural cannabinoids made through a whole plant extraction process.

This product can be used for the maintenance and improvement of health – it can assist in the treatment of sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation, and auto-immune disorders.

At the recommended dose of 0.5 mL taken once daily a 50 mL bottle should last more than 3 months, while a 30 mL bottle should last for 2 months.

The oil does not impair consciousness or cause drowsiness – and is thus safe for daytime use or use before operation of a motor vehicle.