Turmeric makes for one of the most indispensable parts of the Indian households. Not only does it help add colour and flavour to most Indian curries, it is also known for its medicinal properties.

In fact, it is said to be one of the superfoods that have numerous bioactive compounds that endow several medicinal benefits to this spice. Other compounds that are present in turmeric are volatile oils, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, linolenic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, which are known to benefit overall health. While the spice is said to keep you healthy, it is also believed that it may help you lose weight.

Turmeric tea for weight loss

Turmeric tea is known to be good for the digestive system, which is key to shedding kilos. Moreover, it has ant-inflammatory properties that help supress fat cell proliferation. Another way turmeric tea helps lose weight is by regulating blood sugar levels, further preventing insulin resistance. The curcumin compound in turmeric is the fat burner that you need to speed your weight loss journey. You must include turmeric tea in your daily diet, and in order to make it more effective and tastier, we suggest you add these healthy fat burners and stimulators to your tea in order to lose weight.

1. Turmeric tea with ginger

All you need to do is to take a saucepan and add water to it. Add a dash of turmeric and ginger to the water and bring it to a boil. Once boiled, turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Drink the tea daily to see effective results. Ginger acts as a natural appetite suppressant, which is one of the best ways to lose weight. Moreover, it helps keep your blood sugar levels stable.

2. Turmeric tea with mint leaves

If you do not like the taste of ginger, you could add fresh mint leaves to your concoction. Steep mint leaves in the turmeric tea and enjoy the menthol fresh tea. Mint leaves are super low in calories and high in fibre content. It also helps prevent conditions like indigestion and stimulate digestive enzymes and turns fat into energy.

3. Turmeric tea with cinnamon powder

Add some cinnamon powder or a piece of cinnamon stick to your cuppa of turmeric tea. Cinnamon helps improve insulin sensitivity and is a potent antioxidant. So, if you haven’t got your turmeric tea fix yet, make sure you get it now.

4. Turmeric tea with honey

If you want to sweeten your turmeric tea, add a dash of honey that is said to benefit your weight loss journey. Do not in any way add sugar in it as it may only reverse the good effects. Honey is known to suppress appetite and has anti-inflammatory properties that help you lose weight.

Remember, anything in excess is bad and unhealthy; do not go overboard with consuming too much turmeric. Also, needless to say, you will need to pair this with a healthy diet and exercise.

Turmeric capsules for weightloss

Alternatively, if making Turmeric tea is not your style, you can always take supplements in the form capsules. Fortified with Piperine, this increases the bio-availability of the plant compounds present in Turmeric. Giving you all the benefits in a compact, easy-to-use format. Available below: